Coming Soon

We will be expanding our inset line with the introduction of 3-inch insets. These are the perfect size for 2 finger pockets and crimpers. Three inch hole saws are cheap and very easy to use. Our three-inchers will be cheap (less than $5) so you can pepper your wall with cool pockets for very little money.


We are starting work on 12 inch long sections of real inset cracks based on our 3-inch insets (imagine a 3 inch inset cut down the middle and then streached to 12 inches long - with a finger crack occupying the center. It will be easy to cut the shape in the plywood by using a 3-inch hole saw at both ends and using a saw to cut the parallel tangents between the two circles. Real inset cracks. Real simple. Real fun. Bolt-on cracks suck.

The start of this movie shows the first prototype inset crack

Bolt-on holds - new holds, new philosophy

You don't climb with your eyes - you climb with your hands. But eye candy holds sell. Nicros sold a lot of holds in their early days even though their shapes universally sucked to climb on. Why? Because they were pretty shapes with pretty colors. Unfortunately you ended up with a large pretty hold on your wall that had only a few awkward uncomfortable finger holds on it. The arguement that you have to figure out how to use the hold only lasts for five seconds - and then you spend the next five years with an unhappy to use shape on your wall.

We aren't against pretty shapes but most of our holds have been designed for pretty "FEELS" while climbing - without regard to how they look.

Stay tuned for some visually cool looking holds from synrock that also climb well. Our "no holds barred" series.