4/8/02 - Added this page. New screw-on feature set

4/30/02 - Cleaned up many things in the plastic sucks section

5/6/02 - Many small changes throughout - new bouldering videos, new cobble set B.

5/12/02 - Lots more bouldering videos.

5/27/02 - Switched to faster server (earthlink sucks) - movies load much quicker . Added new screw-on sets.

5/31/02 - Started actually adding links to link page (email if you want a link).

6/11/02 - Synrock videos, more mini-crag photos and info.

6/24/02 - Started major revamping of the training section.

7/23/02 - New movies

9/5/02 - Progress on wall construction, more videos, yes we have t-nuts.

9/19/02 - Insets, insets,insets

10/31/02 - New holds. Dual pockets and mini-buckets.

12/07/02 - 4 new videos (50 classic) new modboard construction. new inset video.

12/13/02 - new footchips.

7/1/03 - six inch insets are here!

7/7/03 - new sloper screw-ons

7/21/03 - 4-inch insets reversable with pictures.

7/29/03 - New woodie sets.

9/6/03 - Adjustable angle wall construction

9/24/03 - New woodie sets. New Bolt-on hold interface. New sketch video

10/19/03 - Classic set, roof set, new individual holds.

11/28/03 - New bucket set photos.

12/26/03 - New inset photos and wall construction.

2/4/04 - 3 inch insets new insetwall video.

5/17/04 - New Ball Cluster series.

6/7/04 - New 3-inch insets

6/10/04 - More inset wall photos

7/7/04 - An actual "edited" video of the best gritstone bouldering area in US.

9/26/04 - Photos of bouldering in Virgin Gorda. Granite on the beach.

3/08/05 - Inset cracks for sale.

8/9/05 -

2/17/07 - major restructuring - new slopers - rockpodz

3/20/07 - new roof holds - new bouldering section

4-5-07 - interesting shapes

4-20-08 - Ok, I've come to realize that I rarely get around to updating this what's new page so just look around. Lots of amazing pods are making it to the pages and there is lots of activity in the bouldering section.

9-9-09 - Many new screwons, New Roof Sets, an entirely new way to make holds and an entirely new way to sell them.

11-9-09 - Getting around to reorganizing sets so that they fill up a flat rate box.

9-15-14 - Finally getting around to updating the site - Sets are organized so they fill up a large flat rate box - that means a cheap $17 shipping anywhere in the US for 10 big roof jugs or 50 minijugs or 200+ screw-on holds. Got rid of rockpods because although a good ideal mixing plastic and ceramic they ended up being lots of work and expensive. New ceramic composite holds lets me make bombproof small holds now that are way cheaper. VERY MANY HOLDS are not on this site - so search ebay for synrock climbing holds - user petrogrips - and you will see many more shapes including new small things made from ceramic composite.